Proper Invoice

As the Invoice from the Contractor to the Owner triggers all subsequent timeliness, the new Construction Act prescribes that a "Proper Invoice" must contain:

  • The Contractor's Name and Address;

  • The date the invoice was issued and the period which the services or materials were supplied;

  • The authority, whether in the contract or otherwise, under which the services and materials were supplied;

  • A description, including quantity where appropriate, of the services and materials that were supplied

  • The amount payable for the services or materials that were supplied, and the payment terms;

  • The name, title, telephone number and mailing address of the person to whom payment is to be sent; and

  • Any other information that may be prescribed by Regulation or is required under the terms of the Contract (with the exception that the Contract cannot make giving of a Proper Invoice conditional on the prior certification of payment certifier or the Owners approval of work. 

The "Proper Invoice" must be given monthly, unless otherwise stipulated in the Contract.  Under the Act, Documents are "Given" by Certified or Registered Mail or by Service under the Rules of Court.  If the Contractor's Invoices are to be mailed or emailed or given other than monthly, the Contract must detail this.

See sample Proper Invoice